Due to the growth towards more, faster and highly reliable data communication, higher demands are placed on the quality of the network. With fiber optic networks, it is not only the choice of cable and connectors that is important. Assembly and cleaning also have a major impact on the quality of the network.
It is therefore important that every fiber connection before connecting is cleaned before it is checked.


The contaminants on the end face of fiber optic connections are caused by:

  • Leaving it unprotected
  • Physically touching the connector with the hand, tongue or clothing

The following contaminants are more difficult to remove than dust particles:

  • Oils, often caused by hands
  • Film residues, condensed from vapors in the air
  • Powdery coatings, traces of evaporated water or other cleaning agents left behind

A contamination in the fiber optic connection can lead to the failure of the component or the failure of the entire system. Even microscopically small dust particles can lead to a variety of problems for optical connections.

A particle that completely or partially blocks the core generates strong Back Reflection, which can cause instability in the laser system. Dust particles trapped between two fiberglass surfaces can cause scratches. This can even apply to particles that only lie on the outer optical layer of the fiber (cladding) or on the edge of the fiber surface.

An air gap or alignment errors between the fiber cores can also significantly lower the optical signal.

  • a 1-micron dust particle on a Single-Mode core can block 1% of the light (result 0.05dB loss)
  • a 9-micron dot is still too small to see without a microscope, but it can completely block the fiber core

For comparison, a typical human hair is 50 to 75 microns in diameter, so about eight times larger. Although dust does not have to be visible, it is still present in the air and can lead to contamination of the fiber optic connectors.

To prevent these problems in the network, MPCS has included various products in its range:

  • Optical Fiber Connector Cleaners
  • Ferrule cleaners
  • Alcohol dispenser
  • Cleaning Sticks
  • Cleaning Tapes