MPCS has a very extensive portfolio in fiber optic cables.

We supply prefab fiber optic cables and patch cords in any desired length with the connectors you require and have a large assortment of these cords (ascending per meter) in stock.

But also if you are looking for a cable that must meet your specific requirements, you have come to the right place at MPCS. Whether it concerns multiple, duplex or simplex cables, we deliver them ready-made with the connectors assembled on both sides and precisely made to your requested measurements and requirements. Whether it concerns one or more pieces, we will deliver them within a few working days.

Because we have our own production, we are able to switch very quickly and if you have a problem or emergency we will solve it together. If necessary a same day delivery (to solve your problem) is possible.

We can also label the cables for you in advance with the information you require on the labels.

Fiber optic cabling

  • Single mode OS 2 G657A
  • OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 / OM5
  • Flat oval
  • Duallink
  • Micro cable
  • Breakout cable
  • Distribution cable
  • Universal inner / outer cable
  • Etc.

Fiber optic connectors

  • LC/UPC en LC/APC
  • SC/UPC en SC/APC
  • FC/PC en FC/APC
  • ST/PC
  • E2000
  • Fanout
  • Couplers

Ask our sales team for advice, prices and stocks.

Fiber optic cables fanout 12v Fiber optic cables​ SCAPC E2000APCDX
Fiber optic cables MM OM3 DX SC LC Fiber optic cables ST PC ST PC DUPLEX