It is a fact that companies focusing purely on their core tasks, achieve the best results. Activities not included in these core tasks are therefore increasingly outsourced to third parties.

A company outsourcing manufacturing, assembly and processing activities in the field of electrical engineering, prefers to outsource to an enthusiastic and motivated partner with an effective and efficient working method. A partner which moreover lives up to the highest expectations when it comes to quality and lead times. Quality standards equalling those of the client. Given the fact that MPCS working method is in conformity with ISO 9001 quality standards, the quality of all products is guaranteed.

MPCS has the manpower and machinery to respond fast and flexibly to the customer's needs.

MPCS provides tailor-made solutions by taking a proactive approach to your applications and all factors involved. This is a major advantage to you, as we can offer you a complete package from straightforward cable confection right up to complex system solutions.

MPCS are well-known for offering good value for money. And to us, good value includes short lead times. To guarantee top-quality products, MPCS uses various state-of-the-art manufacturing machines such as fully automated cutting and stripping machines, crimping machines (for both insulated and uninsulated contacts), crimping machines for Sub-D contacts, Schleuniger stripping machines (coaxial), applicators, testing equipment and various hand tools.