MPCS is a company that takes a proactive approach and offers solutions. Many years of experience enables MPCS to do so, whether it concerns spiral cables or cabinet building.This experience is of course an essential basis for a good working relationship, where we endeavour to offer solutions which are value for money, attractive, effective and efficient for all your cabling and/or assembly problems.

MPCS is definitely not a company simply aiming to 'score orders', but instead intends to build up a long-term working relationship for the benefit of all parties. This should not be any problem, because we provide no less than top-quality products which is clearly essential in this line of business.

In short, value for money, proactive approach, top quality, short lead times, flexibility and customer relations are terms we consider essential to our company.
Our core activities are:

Cable assemblies
Spiralcord, Spiralcables
Telcocable and connectors
UL Wiring Harness maker E355812 - 20120613
Videocables and extras

MPCS has gained many years of experience in these fields which results in no less than top-quality products.